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The Nuraghe and Church of Santa Sabina on th map

The Nuraghe of 'Santa Sabina', also called 'Nuraghe of Santa Sarbana', of great charm, consist of a nuraghe, a small village, a 'Tomba dei Giganti', and a holy well. The presence of a medioeval church of Santa Sabina documents the contiguity of evidences from different historical periods and the persistence of the character of sacredness of the site.


It is compose by a single tower with three niches with cruciform disposition, with a vestibule to the right, and a clockwise sphiral staircase to the left.
The monument is composed of large basalt stones, hewn with hammers, with a better quality at higher levels. The entrance, located direction south-south-East, has no architrave (which is preserved only in fragments), but it had to be very huge.
The entrance appears, therefore, wider, and, on the basement, at can be seen a big slab, like a sort of step.
The nuraghe is devoid of the second floor level, definitely absent due to the dismemberment of the structure instead of due to any collapse, as the stones have been re-used in other construtions during different historical periods.

View of the nuraghe of Santa Sabina View of the nuraghe and of the church of Santa Sabina


Known withthe dilectalname of 'Santa Sarbana', and dating to the 10th - 11th century, the church is an architectural gem in the countryside. The church stands out amongs the monuments of romanesque style, because some Byzantine characteristics are present. It consists of a plant with three compartments apse; the two side rooms have a square shape, while the central one has a circular plan with a dome, where is clearly visible the influence of the Byzantine style.


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